Skin tone vs metal tone

seol gold ellen 3.jpg

Out-dated jewellery rules stipulate that you shouldn't mix metals, we don't agree with that, but there are choices that can be made to accentuate what suits you. 

You might already know your skin tone based on what make up you use, but if you’re not sure then find some natural light and have a look at the veins on your wrists. If the veins run blue or purple in colour then you’ve got a cool skin tone, if the veins are a more green hue then you’ve got a warm skin tone.

Those with cool undertones to the skin are best suited to sterling silver or white gold, whereas warm undertones should opt for yellow and rose gold. 

Ellen wears: large tusk earrings, white cz mosiac ring, medium black cz mosiac ring, hammered ring, large black cz mosaic ring