What's your ring size?

One of our most common questions is what size ring shall I order? If you don't have a local jeweller or shop that can measure your fingers then all you need is some string and a ruler, here's how: 

1) Use some string and wrap it around the base of your finger.

2) Make a mark at the point the string meets.

3) Lay the string out and measure it on a ruler.

4) Use this chart to convert the measurement into your size: http://www.ringsizes.co/ 

Keep in mind that your fingers will be different sizes, so you might need to do it a few times to get each finger size and make sure the string can fit comfortably over your knuckles. 

Rings (image 1 - top to bottom): ombre triple cz, opal and cz stacker, rainbow cz halo, textured cz band

Rings (image 2 - left to right): ombre triple cz, opal and cz stacker, gemstone stacking ring, rainbow cz haloruby cz and baguette ring 


Jess Robins