Chains and charms

Figaro chain

The Figaro chain has 3 smaller links connecting a longer link, this is a flat chain that can be worn alone or with a pendant. Our Figaro is worn with our Claddagh pendant, here.

Box chain

The links for this chain are square, giving it a boxy shape and it’s boxy name. We have a thinner box chain available for smaller pendants and a thicker one to pair with it. Our thicker box chain is shown with our Nefertiti pendant above, our thinner with our palm tree pendant.

Herringbone chain

The herringbone chain is flat with ‘V’ shape links that integrate to create a herringbone finish. This chain lends itself to be worn without a charm but teamed with other layers to give texture.

Rolo chain

A rolo chain is made up of round links, this is also known as a ‘Belcher’ chain.

Rounded snake chain

A snake chain is made of links that fit together closely so they don’t show any gaps, they give a rounded continuous finish that emulates a snake.

Flat snake chain

Unlike the rounded counterpart, the flat snake chain fits together tightly but is not curved, instead it links together giving the same v-shape connection but in a flattened finish.

Elongated Cable chain

Instead of rounded links like many other chains, these are simply longer links, we’ve paired our cable chain with our Mexican coin medallion, here.

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