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Constellation Piercings

Constellation Piercings


Constellation piercings are thoughtfully placed piercings that resemble a sweet star cluster, with each ear made up of multiple but unique piercings. It could be a trio of studs on the lobe that remind you of the little dipper, or artfully placed across the entire ear to draw a stargazing line from lobe to tragus to rook to helix. Either way, we’re into it, and we know you are too – which is why we offer pretty much all of our earrings as singles so you can mix and match.

constellation piercing

Here are a few of our favourite studs for constellation piercings, all available as a single:

constellation stud scallop earring constellation stud ball stud
constellation stud seol gold north star constellation stud bezel

constellation piercings seol gold diamonds

If you’re not ready to commit to another piercing just yet, then you could try a climber stud, this gives an illusion of multiple piercings but only needs one - stargazing never looked better.

constellation studs constellation earrings
constellation stud earrings seol gold constellation stud earrings

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