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Free Replating

Free Replating

We want you to love your Seol + Gold jewellery as much as the day you first got it, but know that over time vermeil pieces will fade or dull in colour – that’s why we offer a free replating service for life! You can return any of your Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold Vermeil Seol + Gold jewellery to us to be replated for free. 


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A Little Background

Firstly, what is vermeil? Vermeil (pronounced ver-mey) refers to plating that is on a Sterling Silver base and plated with a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold.

Microns are what plating is measured in. To give some context, the industry standard is thought to be 0.5 microns (so anything you see that’s labelled ‘gold plate’ is likely to be this level, which is known as flash plating and will only last a few wears – it’s also probably not on a sterling silver base unless stated).

We plate our jewellery at 3 microns and only ever on a Sterling Silver base, so there's no surprises when the plating layers do start to fade. 



Let’s Get Started 

So here’s how to tap into our free replating service! 


Step 1 - Get in touch with us at to get started, we’ll need your order number and name so we know what pieces to expect.


Step 2 – Send it to us! Once we’ve got your jewellery, we’ll take good care of it and start the process.


Step 3 – Our dream replating team will get started! First they’ll clean up your pieces ready for the plating tank, then the plating can begin.


Step 4 – We plate to 3 microns and finish with a clear protective e-coating. Once we’re happy with the finish, we’ll be sending it back out to you! You can expect to have your jewellery back within one working week of us receiving it, looking bright and beautiful again.



free replating - seol gold

Caring Is Cool

We love the idea of our Seol Goddesses enjoying their jewellery for years to come, getting that ‘like new’ feeling from a beloved piece of jewellery helps reduce waste. There are a few things that you can do to help keep your pieces looking brighter for longer. We plate at 3 microns but this will also fade in time, and it’s largely due to lifestyle. Here’s some easy ways to keep your vermeil pieces bright:


Whether working out or washing up take a minute to remove any rings beforehand, this one is a game-changer for keeping pieces bright! Contact with liquids, sweat or chemicals is going to erode that plating.  


Got a skincare routine? Taking jewellery off before applying products is a must - chemicals in serums, sprays and lotions can cause tarnishing even if they’re natural products.


Take care of your jewellery when not being worn by storing them in a soft pouch (yes, just like the S+G one you received them in!) ideally separately if on the move so they don't scratch.  



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