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Good Luck Friday

Good Luck Friday

 Sometimes we need a little luck and we believe there's no better way of manifesting it than wearing it. Here are our favourite lucky charms and what they mean..


horseshoe meaning -seol gold lucky jewellery - seol gold


The exact origin of a horseshoe as a lucky talisman is unknown, but it is a symbol believed to bring good luck and protection. A horseshoe hanging up is thought to capture luck, whereas a horseshoe hanging down can be argued to pour luck on everyone that passes – so it’s a win win. 


The cornicello (corno portafortuna) is an Italian originating talisman worn to ward off bad luck and the evil eye. 


Thought to bring good luck, the dragon can also represent strength and power.


This stems from breaking a wishbone and whoever wins the larger piece would be granted a wish, a complete wishbone brings the promise of good luck.


st christopher meaning meaning lucky jewellery horseshoe - seol gold


A cherub is a celestial being with different roles according to various religions but commonly believed to bring protection.


An arrow is thought to bring protection, as one of the original ways mankind protected themselves was by bow and arrow, it is also a symbol of friendship when two arrows are crossed.

St Christopher 

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, wearing a St Christopher is thought to bless the wearer’s travels.



Yin Yang 

Yin Yang is rooted in Chinese cosmology, representing opposing but complementary energy to make one whole i.e. feminine and masculine energy.

Scarab Beetle 

In ancient Egypt, a scarab beetle was often buried with a mummy as a lucky charm to help protect them in the afterlife. A symbol of resurrection, protection and luck.


The Sun represents light and energy, bringing strength and clarity.


The Claddagh represents friendship (two hands), love (heart) and loyalty (crown). 


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