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Tara Collingwoode x Seol Gold

Tara Collingwoode x Seol Gold

Tara Collingwoode is a digital creator, film photographer behind @endoffilm, creative for @girlgaze, a self-proclaimed dweeb with a film camera, and our latest Seol Goddess.

Along with friend and fellow creative Beatrice @bybeatricerigby, Tara took Seol + Gold jewellery to shoot on their day together.

Read on to better get to know the girl both behind and in front of the lens. 

tara collingwoode tara collingwoode seol gold


Hi Tara, SEOL+GOLD loves your camera skills and the personal feel of your @endoffilm account! What draws you to mainly using 35mm?

Not being about to see the images instantly, the grain of the film, the colouring. The aesthetic, i also feel quite nostalgic shooting 35mm as before the 1990s everything was shot on film 


tara collingwoode seol gold

How did you and Beatrice meet?

Beatrice and i met through instagram about a year and half ago and we hit it off. She was so lovely and her content was out of this world so i was such a fan girl when i met her and i was so happy she wanted to be mates haha


How was it doing your first post-covid shoot in London?

 I was a little apprehensive because i didn't know what to expect being around people again but it was amazing. I remember thinking "i haven't done much picture taking in lockdown so i'm definitely gonna be crap at this and have lost all my skills" but i didn't, if anything the rest did me some good and now the creative juices are flowing lool...that sounds so cringe.




Something you’re looking forward to?

Nothing really...i'm so bloody boring! I guess i'm just waiting for my next gig/big break. I guess i'm looking forward to working with more cool people.


Who are some of your favourite artists?

If we are talking photography:

If we are talking art: Vincent Van Gogh 

If we are talking music: Sam Fender, The smiths, arctic monkeys and James Blake 


Most meaningful piece of jewellery you wear?

When i was 15 my mum gave me a silver cross, i wear it everyday and have never taken it off. 


tara collingwoode

Who/what inspires you?

Hmmm i would say movies made by Quentin Tarantino, programmes like Skins and Indie music all inspire my artistic choices, from how i dress to how i want my images to come out. TUMBLR! Can't forget Pinterest. I'm an indie kid so anything with a dreamy aesthetic, i could listen to a sound cloud song and be inspired. 


tara collingwoode

tara collingwoode seol gold


Any goals for 2020 / 2021? 

To get better at my craft, to shoot more cool people, maybe shoot a wedding or album cover for someone or tour with an artist and take behind the scenes shots for them and to leave my boring 9-5 job and be freeeeeeeeeeelance!!


Tara wears our enamel hoops in large, our yin yang cz signet ring in 18ct gold plate, moon signet ring in 18ct gold plate, cherub signet ring in silver and our T & C alphabet charms in gold plate.



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