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Let's Talk Layering Chains

Let's Talk Layering Chains

Layering Up With Chains

Everyone needs a chain in their jewellery collection, but it can be hard to know which chain will work with your style or stack. Whether you’re missing a dainty chain for charms, a bold one to wear alone or something for a specific neckline, we’ve for the chain for you.

chains - seol gold  chains - seol gold
chain - seol gold silver chain - seol gold

The Dainty

Some chains don’t need to make a fuss, they’re a simple and cute addition that you can have on and forget about, but catch your eye with a little movement. Consider these for the minimal additions that look great with any neckline or charm.

dainty chains - seolgold

1. Bead Chain 2. Fine Figaro Chain 3. Rounded Snake Chain 4. Box Chain  


Embellished Chains

These chains bring a little something extra, so if you are looking for a classic chain with a twist then consider these. The charms bring movement nestled amongst some of our most popular style chains, it's a win-win. 

chains - seol gold

1. CZ Curb Chain 2.  Figaro CZ Chain 3. CZ Bezel Curb Chain 4. CZ Charm Cable Chain

Bold Chains

Statement chains, we love a heavier piece for an addition to any outfit. A heavier chain is a bold accessory, ready to wear solo or as the foundation for a stack. As it commands attention a bold chain can be worn with most necklines - perfect with a plain t-shirt or over a knit jumper to elevate it, or paired with a lower cut neckline to really let it sing.

statement chains - seol gold


 1. Chunky Snake Chain 2. Chunky Link Chain 3. Thick Cable Chain

Stacking Essentials

The recipe to a successful stack is all about texture, depth and length. We aim for each chain to bring one of these to a neck stack. There are no hard and fast rules, doubling up on a Herringbone Chain brings double the texture for a luxurious stack, but having them sit at different lengths is how to make it look chic. These chains all bring something from the tick list, so if you're not sure where to start, trust us, it's with one of these!

stacking chains - seol gold

 1. Herringbone Adjustable Chain 2. Beaded Chain 3. Snake Chain 4. Anchor Chain 

Chain Sets

Easy layering. If you are looking to set your necklace foundations then this is the best place to begin, we’ve paired together chains to bring a well-rounded stack, plus you save buying them as a set!

 set chains - seol gold sets chains - seol gold chains - seol gold

1. Flat Snake & Cable Chain Set 2. Herringbone & Figaro Chain Set 3. Square Snake & Box Chain Set 

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