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Let's Talk Chains

Let's Talk Chains

Let’s take a deep dive into our most popular chain styles, from the operatic roots of the Figaro Chain to the nautical namesake of the Anchor Chain. Here’s a look at some of the favourites… 


 chains - seol gold

Figaro Chain

The name ‘Figaro’ is thought to originate from 18th century operas The Barber of Seville and the Marriage of Figaro, after the main character... Figaro. Most often associated with Italy, the iconic chain varies in exact shapes and sizes but is recognisable for a pattern of one long link connecting to three smaller links.

 figaro chain - seol gold


Anchor Chain 

 The Anchor chain is an easy one to guess, it gets the name from the style chains used to secure anchors! As you'd imagine, the links need to be strong to hold position and this translates with our anchor chain. The flat interlocking links are easy to recognise. 


anchor chain - seol gold

Curb Chain

Yes, it is Connell’s chain - but before it got it's own Instagram, the Curb Chain was all about horses. The curb chain on a horse is placed under the chin and relieves pressure for the horse when riding. The curb chain has interlocking twisted rings, with ours being flat. 

curb chain - seol gold



Rolo Chain

The Rolo Chain is easy to spot from the round interlocking links, also known as a Belcher chain. One theory of the name is that it was named after Jem Belcher, a bare knuckle boxing champion from the 18th Century. 

 rolo chain - seol gold


Herringbone Chain

The slinky Herringbone Chain is a flat chain, usually giving texture to a neck stack. The name comes from the Herring fish, which have the same parallel style bones. 

herringbone chain - seol gold

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