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Necklace Stacking 101

Necklace Stacking 101

Not all stacks are made equal, our dream stacks bring the perfect balance of luxury with fun, blending timeless chain layers and interesting charms is our favourite way to finish any outfit.

Let's take a look at what stack will work for you.


Heavy Stack

chain stack - seol gold

The 'neck mess' is a satisfying stack that treads the line between overdone and eye-catching. We keep ours on the softer side of the mess part, one that screams luxury but requires a bit of thought. The formula gives a timeless stack that you can easily mix up but that makes an impact. 

1. Starsign necklace. Keep the first one at a shorter length - sitting pretty near the collar bone. Our Starsign Necklace sits perfectly, and the personalisation is key to catch the eye.

2. A delicate chain with a charm. Simple and understated, our Bead Chain is the ideal thickness as you want to to keep it close to the first chain, think thinner chains like the Fine Figaro Chain, Singapore Chain or Square Snake Chain. Add an interesting charm of your choice. 

3. Classic chain. You can play with thicknesses and styles here, any of our classic chains will work but we've opted for our adjustable Figaro Chain in 16-18".

4. Repeating chains keeps the stack on the chicer side as there's not too many distracting textures, but you can mix it up here too for a bolder finish. Just go for a longer chain than the one above and see what works for you. We've gone for our Figaro Chain in 18-20".

5. Longer chain, bold charm. The longest chain goes here, we've gone for our Rounded Box Chain in 20-22" and our bold Dream Symbol Charm to catch the eye.

Why we love this stack:

It's easy to change up due to the tried and tested formula. Mix up the charms and classic chains for a quick way to update the look, plus you get to wear lots of your favourite pieces in one go!

Considered Stack

simple stack - seol gold

A chic finish that gives some more breathing room than the heavy stack, but makes an eye catching update to any outfit. We love a considered stack that isn't afraid to repeat chains and mix up pendants. 

1. Shorter textured chain. We love the Beaded Chain to bring some substance to a stack. The bead design brings a new texture, keep it on the shorter side here, our Herringbone Chain is also perfect for bringing texture. 

2. Simple chain with a bold pendant. Play with the shapes and styles of pendants, we usually see the biggest pendant at the bottom of a stack, but have changed this up with our Butterfly Pendant in the middle for a more interesting take on a considered stack.

3. That's right, feel free to repeat the chain but in a longer length - we've gone for the Box Chain twice, once in 16-18" and in 18-20". Repeat chains gives a clean understated finish, you could mix it up with a different style but the key to success is in the longer length and similar thickness. 

Why we love this stack:

Perfect for showcasing a beloved pendant, we love the bolder style in the middle and simplicity of repeating the chain style. Accessible, easy to update and works for smaller jewellery collections.


Statement Pieces Stack

statement stack - seol gold

Bold but simple, a statement chain stack gives a polished finishing touch but requires some thought on the pairing of chains here. 

1. Shorter textured chain. The Chunky Mariner Chain is eye catching and perfect for the base of a good neck stack. Any chains with some depth will work here, like the Beaded Chain above, keep them on the shorter side so they sit just right. 

2. The stacker chain. This chain sits in the middle, our chains are adjustable so you can give some room between chains. This chain acts to soften the stack, so nothing too chunky here, our Beaded Necklace is the perfect balance.

3. Flat chain. A flatter style chain will sit well at the longest length, we like a chunkier chain like this Flat Link Chain but a thinner style like our Mariner Anchor Chain or Cable Chain will sit well here, just keep it long.  

Why we love this stack:

Cool and timeless, we love how easy it is to recreate with chains you already have and doesn't require pendants or charms if they're not for you. 

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