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Piercing 101

Piercing 101

Earring curation is a fine art, we love our jewellery as an extension of our outfit - there's nothing like the finishing touch of a curated ear.

Here's some ideas for the most popular piercings, make sure you check the measurements of something you currently wear before purchasing as every ear is different. 



The upper cartilage looks great with a hoop or stud, but it depends what you prefer to sleep in. A butterfly back can be uncomfortable, so a lot of people opt for a flat back or ball back stud, or a simple hoop.

CZ Huggie - Seol gold
ball stud - seol gold


An easy hoop like a segment or clicker hoop works well here, others prefer a simple stud but it depends on the size of the ear and placement of this one. 

 Constellation Stud - Seol Gold
segment hoop - seol gold


Upper Lobe

A simple stud or small hoop is our preferred for the upper lobes.

gold huggies - seol gold
diamond stud - seol gold



The most common ear piercing, the lobes can go for nearly any earring, so there's something for everyone. A chain stud is a fun way to dress up a single lobe piercing, a charm hoop brings movement or keep it classic with a simple hoop. 


chain stud - seol gold
charm hoop - seol gold
gold hoop - seol gold
creole - seol gold


A flat back stud works well or easy hoop, be sure to check the measurements and thickness to make sure it'll fit your ear. 


flower stud - seol gold
captive bead - seol gold


A clicker hoop is your friend here for this piercing that can be trickier to navigate.


Clicker hoop - seol gold
clicker hoop - seol gold

Forward Helix

A seamless hoop can be worn but the placement might cause irritation, if not a short flat back stud is best, which we don't offer yet! Do you want us to start?

seamless hoop - seol gold




Keep it classy with a small plain hoop, or go fancy with a pave cz. 

simple hoop rook - seol gold
cz segment hoop - seol gold



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