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Q&A With Lottie

Q&A With Lottie

Meet Lottie Laversuch, the ultra talented Designer and Creative behind all the Seol + Gold graphics brightening up our day. We asked Lottie some questions on her inspiration, style and self-care... 



We love how you’ve taken the Seol + Gold aesthetic and translated it into your designs, what inspires you when creating them?

Thank you! The first thing I do is note down anything that the brief reminds me of, like playing a game of word association in my head, this usually is the basis for all my designs. Then I go back to my collection of references, I’ve made myself a mini archive that’s my go to for inspiration, you can find anything in there from old match boxes to album covers.

Describe your own style.

I guess similarly to my work, my style in general is inspired by anything and everything that I think looks interesting. Shopping nearly always secondhand at charity shops, boot sales or vintage markets. It’s so satisfying when you find a gem having rummaged through it all.

 zodiac - seol gold zodiac - seol gold


Any wise words you live by?

Work hard but make time for seeing friends and having a good time. Finding a good balance is crucial.


What does a day in the life of Lottie look like?

I start my day with a good cup of coffee or two and a decent breakfast. Then I have a look at my to do list, I have a million notes on my phone which determine what I’m working on that day. One thing I do try to do is get in the sun, even just for 10 minutes.

coffee - seol gold

What does jewellery mean to you?

The icing on the cake of an outfit.

seol gold - lottie

Favourite Seol + Gold jewellery?

There’s so many cute pieces but I do love my enamel signet ring, it’s adorable!

dice - seol gold

Silver or Gold?

I go through phases but I’ve been drawn to silver for a while now.

 seol gold

It’s a hard one, but do you have a favourite graphic that you’ve made for S+G?

Ooo that is a hard one, I’ve enjoyed working on so many projects with you guys. But there is a special place for the scratch card as it’s one of the first things we worked on together and I also love the cheeky clam sticker. I also have a few new favourites that I’m excited to come out.

seol gold

Do you have any go-to pieces of jewellery that you wear every day?

Day to day I wear silver hoops all round and then rings handed down from my family.


How do you make time for you - any self-care or daily rituals?

I always have music on throughout the day to keep me sane, and having a dance brings me so much happiness.


goddess - seol gold


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