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Get To Know

Get To Know

We asked the talented Mariana Lopez ( to make custom nails for our latest shoot based around our new enamel ring range. Specialising in gel-x extensions, natural nails and press ons, you only need one scroll through the Instagram for flawless designs that bring playful styles and colour to nails everywhere.

Mariana took the time to answer some questions for us, here’s everything that we found out…

 nails by mana - seol gold

How did you get in to nail art?

Before getting into nails I used to get my nails done all the time and I would play around with colours and designs depending on my mood. I was heavily inspired by other nail technicians and I just wanted to be as creative as them. It definitely started off simple such as french tips however I quickly learnt how to do more complex designs and it was super satisfying proving myself wrong since I tend to heavily self doubt. 


rings nails by mana - seol gold

We love how you’ve taken our enamel colours and translated it in your designs, what inspires you when creating nail art?  

Since your enamel pieces incorporate such bold colours I wanted to pair that with some bold nail art. I took a look into my saved nail folder (which we all have haha) and I chose trending designs, some that I haven’t even tried yet to put together some funky, fun sets!


Biggest influences or people that motivate you?

My biggest nail artist influences will have to be @anouskaanastasia, @nailedbycarolina & @couldbeyournails2 the creativity is unreal! My best friend, boyfriend and family are honestly my biggest motivators they believe in me more than I believe in myself and I really needed that in order to pursue my dream in nails. I also have to thank my lovely girls at @colourriotnails for teaching me everything I’ve learnt. 


We love your style and how you wear your jewellery, what does jewellery mean to you?

Jewellery is so important to my identity. I feel really put together when I have all my pieces in, I rarely ever take them off! I would feel so empty without them haha. It’s so versatile and there’s something for everyone. I also love personalised jewellery I literally have my name on everything!!!

 nail inspo - seol gold

You’ll be going full time this year with nail art - congratulations, that is so exciting! What would you say to anyone thinking about starting a side hustle or nervous to take the next step in going full time with it?

First of all, just go for it. There is nothing too big that you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it. Fight through all the self doubt and keep pushing on. Celebrate every tiny success no matter how small. In terms of going full time it isn’t the easiest decision at all but I was once told “if you’re doing a job that you love you’ll never work a day in your life” as cheesy as that sounds it has seriously stuck with me and is an absolute blessing. I am super excited for my future in nails.


Do you have any go-to pieces of jewellery that you wear every day?

 I wear most of my jewellery every single day which includes my rings, necklaces and small earrings! If I’m changing any piece it usually tends to be whatever earring is in my first lobe hole so I’ll swap between small hoops, bigger hoops and something more statement depending on the occasion.


How do you make time for you - any self-care or daily rituals?

My self care ritual definitely includes going on a daily walk, grabbing a coffee and treating myself to a cake! It really is the small things in life that matter most. I will also have a shower, wash my hair and treat my skin to some boujee products because I deserve it! I will alsoooo treat myself to doing my own nails which I don’t have time for often so it’s definitely a pleasure!  

 nails - seol gold

Favourite Seol + Gold jewellery?

I fell in loveeeee with a pair of silver star hoops they are so adorable! Also the charms are so adorable, I love that you can personalise them to your style through choosing a separate chain.


Which enamel ring colour would you choose?

I think I would choose the pink or orange enamel ring with the silver plating. Those colours are *chefs kiss* 

 nails - seol gold

Check out here and get ready to save serious nailspo to your own nail folder! 

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