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As a female-led brand we think that women should always be celebrated, but with Mother’s Day coming up it is a reminder that women who are raising and nurturing others should be more than celebrated, they should be cherished.

 We spoke to a few strong, witty, beautiful, creative and inspiring women who are also raising the future, about jewellery and being a mother.




Favourite thing about being a mum?

Raising two little people, nurturing and watching their personalities develop. And getting to relive all childhood days out, that’s fun. 
And the most challenging?
Raising two little people and nurturing their developing personalities! Teaching them right from wrong even though I’m total hypocrite sometimes. And getting out the front door intact.
Can you remember your first piece of jewellery?
I had a gold bangle when I was a baby that my mum recently gave back to me to give to my daughter. It used the sit proudly in between my chubby arm rolls.
What drew you to your jewellery choice?
I chose the little initial charms V and S and love heart earrings to reflect my true loves, Van and Silvie! I’ve already gotten in trouble for not choosing a B for my husband but it’s Mother’s Day...I also chose the necklaces because I love the layering of multiple chains and I feel like they can make any half arsed outfit look dressed.
What women have shaped you?
I am grateful for my mum for bringing us up with a no BS attitude and teaching me that I can do anything if I work hard and put my mind to it. I admire her for being a young single parent when we were growing up but still maintaining a separate social life - I admire that now and have to remind myself for my sanity to separate my mum life like she did every now and then! I wouldn’t be who I am today without my step mum either, she taught me how to open up and to hug like no other. Very lucky to have two strong women to have shaped who I am as a mother now.
chloe wears our 9ct gold heart hoops, thin silver creoles in 12mm, v & s charms in sterling silver, disc pendant, lariat and cz bezel necklace


What women have shaped you?

My friends are my mentors and chosen family, they continue to grow me up. I feel lucky to know such strong, interesting and inspiring women.

Favourite thing about being a mum?

Giving my girls the space to grow and watching them develop into little weirdos. Feeling the desire to show them the world.


And the most challenging?

Trying not to laugh when arguing with a 4 year old. Also the intensity of bursting with love one minute then dying with boredom the next.  

Can you remember your first piece of jewellery?

A charm bracelet, passed down through generations of women.

Your favourite piece of jewellery you own?

My wedding band which once belonged to my Mum. I love simple, sentimental pieces.

What drew you to your jewellery choice?

I love astrology and this design would be cool to wear every day, it will add to any outfit.


lily wears our 9ct gold virgo necklace and 9ct gold creole hoops




Favourite thing about being a mum?

Being surprised by my 2 boys every day. They are so fun, adventurous and totally hilarious.


Can you remember your first piece of jewellery?

A silver charm bracelet. Each charm was specifically chosen for me and I loved it so much. I got it when I was about 7 years old and living in Africa. The wishing well charm was my favourite. I wore it until I was 23 and I lost it somewhere in Osaka, Japan.




leigh wears our 9ct gold cross hoop, 18ct vermeil lady guadalupe pendant and our 18ct vermeil sunburst ring


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