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Seol + Gold Staples

Seol + Gold Staples

Here’s our go-to pieces that we consider the foundations for layering, our favourites that are easy to style and create signature stacks with.

We are celebrating the Seol + Gold Staples collection with our exclusive sticker set, free with every website order over £30.

seol gold staples


 Seol + Gold stickers are now a thing! Free sticker sheet with all website orders over £30.

seol gold stickers

Tip: Show us how you use your stickers for a chance to win a Seol + Gold gift voucher. Keep your eyes on our Instagram for more info.




A chain is a Seol Goddess favourite, they’re the game changers of any jewellery collection. Whether you are starting yours or want to complement an existing one, we’re here to help you redefine your necklace stack.

herringbone - seol gold
herringbone chain - seol gold

Tip: Not all chains need a pendant, think of bringing texture to your necklace layers with a flat shorter chain like our Herringbone Chain.


more is more - seol gold



A simple rounded creole hoop is where we start when elevating an ear party, you can’t beat a perfect-sized creole for every day.

seol gold


Tip: If you’ve got multiple piercings try stacking up the ear in smaller sizes of the same hoop for a luxe finish. 


Cigar Bands

Our cigar bands are best sellers for a reason, they instantly add luxury to a ring stack.

cigar ring - seol gold
cigar rings - seol gold

Tip: Don’t be afraid to be bold and double up on the same cigar band for a statement finish.

 frost yourself - seol gold

Signet Rings

A signet ring is most likely the first you’ll notice on a hand, it’s our favourite way to toughen up a look.     

signet ring - seol gold
angel signet - seol gold
signet ring - seol gold

We love a solo signet, try one on your ring finger for a flattering finish.      

yin yang - seol gold


Bracelets & Bangles

Bangles and bracelets are different styles of jewellery worn on the wrist. A bangle is rigid and circle shaped, whereas a bracelet has links so is more flexible. 

bangles bracelets - seol gold 

Tip: We like to pair bracelets and bangles together, if you'd like to mix your metals this is a good place to start. 


seol gold


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