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Smudge Sticks With Alula Vintage

Smudge Sticks With Alula Vintage

Smudging is the burning of herbs such as sage to cleanse and invite in positive energy, it's rooted in history as a sacred ritual.

Phoebe Burrows of Alula Vintage makes her own smudge sticks and gave us a step by step tutorial in how she does it..



You will need sage, scissors, string. – Try to use local sage. You can use dried or fresh. Easier with fresh.

smudge sticks - seol gold



Go foraging for wild seasonal flowers (optional)

sage sticks - seol gold



Take your sage – size of bunch is up to you

sage stick with seol gold



Insert wild flowers, weaving stalks into the sage. Tie the sage together at the bottom of the leaves with your string. Leave extra string to make a loop later.

how to sage - seol gold


Start to wind the string to the top of the sage and make your way back down  to meet your string at the bottom, tie to secure and make a loop.



Neaten the edges by cutting off the stalks so they are the same length.

how to make smudge stick - seol gold



Fresh sage version



When they dry

dry sage sticks - stol gold






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