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The Ring For You

The Ring For You

Here’s some of our favourite style rings and how to wear them best.

Arch Ring

An Arch Ring is a favourite for stacking. The shape lends itself to sitting above another ring, try with a solitaire stone to frame it, or a thick band for a dramatic finish.

 arch ring - seol gold

9ct Solid Gold Arch Ring

arch ring - seol goldSunburst Arch Ring

arch ring - seol goldRainbow Arch Ring


Signet Ring

Signet rings have a special place in jewellery history, from being used as the wax seal for letters (usually with a family crest), to being found amongst Egyptian treasure with hieroglyphics engraved, we love signet rings in all their shapes, sizes and finishes. Opt for a classic round Signet Ring to start with and get yours engraved with something significant.

signet ring - seol gold

Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold Vermeil Round Signet

engraved signet - seol gold

Engravable Chunky Signet Ring


Cigar Ring

Chunky and satisfyingly weighty, the cigar ring gets the name from, you guessed it, the rings that go around a cigar. Go dramatic with our widest version for a chic finishing touch, or try one of our engraved for a delicate flourish. 

cigar ring - seol gold

Cigar Ring

engraved cigar ring - seol gold

Engraved Cigar Ring

Rolling Ring

Also known as a Russian wedding band or Trinity Ring (when there’s three bands), the interlocking rings are perfect jewellery fiddlers as the movement within the rings can be very soothing. Our Rolling Ring has seven fine bands that interlock.


rolling ring - seol gold

18ct Gold Vermeil Rolling Ring

silver rolling ring - seol gold


Sterling Silver Rolling Ring


Claddagh Ring

The traditionally Irish Claddagh has three parts to it, the heart represents love, the crown for loyalty and the hands for friendship. Face the heart in towards you if you’re taken, or wear it facing outward if you’re not.

 claddagh - seol gold

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring

claddagh ring - seol gold

18ct Gold Vermeil Claddagh Ring


Eternity Ring

An Eternity Ring will have stones set around the entire band, representing love. It’s conventionally given for anniversaries and marking special occasions, but we think every day can be a special occasion, so why wait? They make perfect stacking rings and we love a colourful eternity ring to brighten up our day.

 rainbow ring - seol gold

Rainbow Eternity Ring

eternity ring - seol gold

Eternity Ring


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