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Know Your Stone Setting?

Know Your Stone Setting?

Setting Styles

A stone setting can make all the difference to your stack, whether you want a statement finish or subtle flash of sparkle, we've got the setting for you. 


heart gem - seol gold


Bezel Set

A bezel setting is where the stone is secured with a frame of the metal. The stone will be neatly secured with the metal frame going over it. One for the minimalists, the clean lines make for a satisfying piece of jewellery to show off.

 bezel set ring - seol gold bezel set cuff - seol gold bezel set nose stud - seol gold


Flush Set

Similar to a bezel setting, the flush setting has stones that sit within the jewellery. It gives a similar feel to bezel set, but whereas bezel set feels more like a frame around the stone, a flush setting feels invisible.

 flush set - seol gold flush set - seol gold



U-Cut Pavé Set

A chic finish for multiple stones, U-cut pavé setting has a cute U-shape from the side, with a minimal front. It gives a good balance of metal and stone, perfect for those that want the best of both. 

 scallop set ring - seol gold u-set earring - seol gold



Micropavé Set

Micropave is a fun way to show a lot of sparkle but with smaller stones. Pavé is French for the word pavement, small stones are set closely together with minimal interruption from the prong setting for a feel of icy glistening stones. 

 pave stud - seol gold pave dog tag - seol gold pave ring - seol gold



Prong Setting

Prong set stones are where a stone sits in a claw shape, with the stone secured by the claws folded over the stone. You can get different style claws, 4-claw will allow more light to show on the stone and they are more minimal to hold the stone, whereas a 6-claw will be more of a feature. 

diamond stud - seol gold  topaz claw set - seol gold claw set stud - seol gold


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