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Which Hoop Is For You?

Which Hoop Is For You?

Hoops are at the core of our favourite looks, but it can be difficult to know which hoop fitting will work for you, so we thought we'd make it easy with a guide to the styles we do.


The Creole

creole hoop - seol gold

This simple fitting is perfect for those that struggle with fiddly fittings and might change up their ear looks regularly. The post goes through the piercing and clicks down into the prong to secure, then simply push up to release.  


The Seamless Hoop

 seamless hoop - seol gold

A flexible hoop to use in various piercings, gently pull open and put into piercing, then once in place simply reshape into a circle to secure. Great for nose and cartilage piercings.


The Huggie

huggie fitting - seol gold

The huggie is a go-to for cartilage and lobes. A lot of our smaller style hoops feature this fitting so that they are easy to secure whilst they ‘hug’ the ear, plus they’ll be more comfortable to sleep in as there is nothing to dig in. The huggie is hinged so the entire back opens, the post goes through the piercing and the hoop closes with a firm ‘click’ into place.  


The Wire Hoop

wire hoop - seol gold


Tired of changing your hoops up? This style fitting is great if you want to keep them in and forget about them. The wire feeds back into the hoop to secure, a top tip is to try opening and closing the hoop a few times whilst not in the piercing, this will train the wire to go easily into the hoop when you put it on!  


The Clicker Hoop

clicker hoop - seo lgold

The clicker style is mostly for cartilage piercings, the fitting is easy to navigate in trickier placements. The hoop will hinge open and simply click into place, there’s no thinner wire to put into the piercing and so it’s important to check out the gauge of the hoop before purchasing to make sure it will fit.


The Segmented Hoop

segmented hoop - seol gold

This hoop deconstructs so that the body of the hoop feeds through the piercing, then the removable section clicks into place, voila!

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