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Demi-fine jewellery

Demi-fine jewellery
What does demi-fine mean?
Demi-fine jewellery fills the gap between traditional fine jewellery (higher carat golds and one-off precious stones) and costume jewellery (pieces with no real value that use alloys and plate over metals such as brass or nickel).
Demi-fine jewellery gives the opportunity to incorporate designs beyond fast fashion that aren’t throwaway as they are still hold value, often made from the lower carat golds such as 9ct or 14ct, or with vermeil plating - which is a sterling silver base and a high coverage or gold layered over it.
You can think of demi-fine jewellery as an investment piece, consider it the new heirloom jewellery - with proper care the jewellery will stay bright and shiny for years to keep in your collection. It allows access to jewellery that can be cherished, without compromising on quality and that everyone can afford. 
9ct gold studs (left to right): 9ct scallop edge, tiny flower, cz arch, turquoise trio, ruby flower,single cz, cz crescent, ball stud, constellation, baguette and cz trio. 

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