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Embellished Talk

Embellished Talk

Rebeckah Kemi of Embellished Talk, is a freelance textiles designer and creator of the beautiful embellished Claddagh bag (inspired by our Claddagh Ring).


Rebeckah Kemi

How did your love for embellishing start?

I studied textiles at the London College of Fashion and my course primarily focused on printed textiles. There was a short segment on embroidery and beading which I really enjoyed. The tutor that ran the short course was so inspiring and helpful that it sparked a great interest in embroidery. After I graduated in 2007 I started to teach myself more by watching YouTube clips and buying lots of embroidery books. I also went to Selfridges and Liberty in London to look at designers’ clothing that have a lot of embroidery. I’ve been stitching for ages now and I love it!



What’s your go-to fave music to get you in the ‘work’ zone?

Normally I listen to podcasts when I’m working but sometimes I really want to zone out so recently I’ve been listening to Ariana Grande’s new album. My regular fave music is anything by Ari Lennox or Solange. 


embellished talk

Do you have a particular piece you’ve made that feels special/stands out to you?

I really love the beaded sun face and claddagh pouches I made inspired by your jewellery. I love wearing jewellery even during the lockdown so it’s nice to be inspired by it to create some textiles. 

Do you have a favourite gemstone?

I love rubies. Is that a gemstone? My birthstone is amethyst but red rubies look so special to me. I like emeralds too, I recently got married and thought I’d want a really elaborate colourful ring but I went for a diamond as it’s a classic. And the rest of my rings are quite statement pieces so I wanted something timeless. I never thought I’d be into diamonds but a good one is beautiful, especially when the light hits it. 

Do you have any plans for once we’re out of lockdown?

Oh god, I can’t wait for us to all be safe from Covid. I want to see and hug all my friends. Spend a month in Sicily, some time in Ghana and Nigeria and explore Marseille. I basically want to go travelling with my family and enjoy good weather and food. I would love a break from being at home and washing dishes! 

 embellished talk

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