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Jewellery Care 101

Jewellery Care 101

Jewellery care is often overlooked, but there are some really simple ways to keep your Seol + Gold jewellery sparkly. We only use fine metals, that way if your piece begins to dull over time there are some quick fixes to get it bright again!


jewellery care tips - seol gold

Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Vermeil and 9ct Gold can all be cherished as they won’t ‘rust’ like costume jewellery, they aren’t going to leave a weird green mark and this way you can keep them for longer – especially with our tips.

First, let’s talk metals. Fine jewellery can still become dull or look discoloured over time. It’s tempting to keep our jewellery on 24/7 as it is made from fine metals that are nickel, lead and cadmium free – these are the usual irritants that can cause a reaction (some people can react to Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Vermeil or 9ct Gold if they have a sensitivity to these).

rings - seol gold

Tempting as it is, our top tip would be to get used to taking care of it by taking it off. Here’s our 101 on when and why!


When To Take Jewellery Off

Why You Should

When working out. We know the sports luxe look is great, but taking off jewellery before a workout is crucial in keeping it looking its best.


Wear and tear is a big one.  Whether it’s a run, downward dog, spinning or boxing, these types of movements are more likely to weaken, tangle or break your pieces.


Sweat. Sweat can cause discolouration or fading of colour in jewellery, it’s abrasive when in contact with jewellery as it’s salty and it contains toxins you’re removing from the body. Everyone is different so there will be varying levels of salt, protein, ammonia, and urea in sweat, but repeated contact with jewellery may cause it to fade or discolour.


When swimming. Whether you’re swimming lengths in the pool, splashing in the sea or relaxing in a jacuzzi it is a good idea to take jewellery off first.


Salt in the sea can create the same discolouration as can chlorine in a pool or jacuzzi, these are both going to be harsh on your jewellery plus general wear and tear.


Beauty routine. Jewellery should be removed before even the most minimal of beauty regimes - including bathing!


Chemicals in beauty products may speed up fading of colour and cause discolouration in your jewellery - perfumes, face mists, lotions, shampoos, body wash etc. 

Being a domestic babe. Whether it’s a round of washing up or spring cleaning the whole home, think about taking off your jewellery first.


Chemicals in cleaning products are likely to be even harsher than those in beauty products on your jewellery. Okay, so if you’re doing some washing up you can keep your hoops and necklaces on but rings will definitely want to be taken off as this contact will cause them to fade much quicker!  


Catching Z’s. We don’t advise keeping any jewellery on when sleeping, but particularly rings and necklaces as they are likely to get twisted or weaken with every turn you make.

Twisted necklaces can disturb your sleep but also get caught and tangled easily, weakening them or even breaking them. Any swollen fingers from fluctuations in the body may cause discomfort with rings, best to take them off and have somewhere safe to put them!

Sweat. We don’t often associate sweat with sleep, but we all sweat to some degree during the night, so keeping the jewellery on nightly will most likely increase its contact with sweat.



If your Seol + Gold jewellery is looking a bit sad, invest in a decent scratch-free jewellery polishing cloth. These will brighten up Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold pieces with a few wipes.

hoops - seol gold

Does it feel like your Seol + Gold Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold Vermeil pieces have faded too much? No worries, we offer free re-plating for life! Get in touch with us as for more info on how to start the process.

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